Reducing Computer-Related Pain with Ergonomics

A typical electric standing desk

Physical pain and injury from using computers is on the rise globally1. Working in a way that reduces this pain can be done by applying ergonomics, and in this article we will look at ways of doing this, so that we can reduce or even eliminate short and long-term computer-related pain, such as Repetitive Strain […]

Squashing Digital Distractions

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‘Nothing vast enters the lives of mortals without a curse.’ – Sophocles Sophocles was a famous playwright who lived in 400BC; he would be shocked by how vast the changes to our lives have become nearly 2,400 years later. And whether we know it or not, their corresponding curses touch almost all aspects of our […]

Everything Flows, Nothing Stays Still – Dealing with Change in the Business World

Principles Evolving

‘Everything flows, nothing stays still.’ Heraclitus, Greek philosopher, 500BC. In this article, we will look at how this idea of constant change applies to, and can improve, our professional work. Many philosophers from all periods of history have gone about stating this principle in different ways. In Buddhism, this idea is called ‘impermanence’, and it […]

Horticultural Therapy – Improving Productivity and Wellbeing with Plants

Joyful female business person works on her laptop in office with plants

Take a moment to survey your surroundings; chances are you are reading this indoors, surrounded by solid walls. Though you might not feel it, this environment is detrimental to your physical and mental health, as every step out of nature and into the ‘modern’ environment takes a small but gradual toll on our mental and […]

Tetris, Learning, and Why We Sometimes Remember Peoples Names

Tetris Learning and Why We Sometimes Remember Peoples Names

Have you ever played the game of Tetris? The game with different shapes that fall from the top of the screen and you have to organize how they fit into the blocks below. A very simple game that’s really easy to get lost in. It’s over thirty years old and I still found it mildly […]

What Are Cognitive Skills?

What are cognitive skills

What’s your step-by-step process to try and remember something that you just learned? Do you know why you sometimes remember new people’s names and cannot remember others? How about when you have a big project to work on. Do you ever experience distracting thoughts constantly floating to the top of your head? All of these […]