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The Supply & Demand of Your Attention

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We are living in an attention economy where the average person consumes 174 newspapers worth of information every single day. Through emails, notifications, news headlines, advertisements, newsfeeds, text messages, we are constantly shifting our attention across multiple different incoming sources.  

But is that really happening? I don’t think it is. I have spoken with hundreds of people who have come through our workshops. Many of them are in leadership positions. All of them are feeling mentally stretched, highly reactive, and without a sense of control. That’s stressful.

Our one hour interactive presentation The Supply and Demand of Your Attention explores this issue and provides useful and innovative solutions to the problem.

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Watch this video to hear why this presentation is so important for your team in these times.

Relevant and Useful

Our presentations discuss useful and practical solutions to many of the modern worlds problems.


Q & A, challenges, and group work make our presentations interesting and interactive.


One hour is a long time sitting down - our exciting content and delivery keeps participants engaged.

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The Myth of Multitasking

There is an admiration for multitasking in today’s work environment. It sounds promising. Do two jobs in half the time. Maybe add a third if you can. But is it actually possible? 

Research emphatically tells us that it isn’t. In fact, when it comes to doing a cognitive task, something that requires active thinking, such as writing, we do not have the capacity to welcome in another cognitive task at the same time. Our brains don’t have the bandwidth. 

For most people they are swept by the internal chaos that comes with being busy. Creating an environment of busyness is extremely easy, just keep distracting yourself from the thing you want to focus on.

We want to present you with another way of approaching work that lends itself to focus and consistent output. It is that consistent output that creates true momentum in your life.

Watch this video to hear why Multitasking is a flawed approach to work

We Understand You

Each presentation is tailored to fit the needs and desires of the audience that Patrick speaks to. While the central message will always remain the same, the manner in how it is communicated is always adapting. Stories always serve as the carrier for the key lessons. The lessons remain while the stories change. Patrick has presented this topic to leadership teams, sales teams, ops teams and marketing teams.

Our clients are primarily in the financial industry. Patrick has had the privilege of spending hundreds of hours speaking in one-on-one and group settings with the students in his workshops.

Thanks to this personal insight his teachings are a combination of scientific research and real life stories. We understand you. We know that this is an intense and highly competitive environment. We understand the audience and understand the work environment. We want to broaden your awareness of yourself and give you actionable tools that you can implement from today!

Watch this video to hear Patrick share a story of a participant in one of his workshops who transformed his work approach and was able to focus for two hours for the first time in his life.

60 Transformational Minutes

The insight that you will gain from this presentation will leave you feeling empowered with a newfound sense of control and autonomy because you know how to navigate the challenging terrain of the modern work environment. 

The tools that we will offer are relevant, approachable and easily implemented. You will know exactly what adjustments you need to make to your lifestyle by the end of the presentation. 

Patrick has a clear framework of how he teaches and presents topics. This framework is built off research on how we learn effectively. For every topic that is presented there must be an opportunity to: 

  1. Consume the content 
  2. Connect the content to your life (finding relevance) 
  3. Reflect (individually or as a collective) on what you learned and what you now see differently

Every presentation, both live and virtual follows a similar structure:

  • 30 minute Presentation [Consume]
  • 15 minute discussion [Connect]

 Participants are placed into breakout groups of 4-5 and provided with questions to discuss during the session

  • 10 minute report out [Reflect]

Patrick will call on two groups to share what they discussed 

The levels of engagement are phenomenal when the exercise is structured like this. It reduces information overload because the participants get time to process what they have learned. It also encourages them to think about the contents more deeply and find relevance and meaning in it. 


Watch this video to hear one speaker report out on behalf of his group discussion. It is a great way to see how the lessons learned become reinforced multiple times over the course of the presentation.

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